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About Me

In the eighth grade I wrote a parody of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” titled “Picket Till You Drop” for my presentation on Women’s Suffrage in America. It went so well that I only got bullied for two more years.

My obsession with comedy only lasted for the rest of my life. At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU, I created my own concentration in Theorizing Comedy. I supplemented my education with improv and sketch, forming Antonio’s Army one of NYU’s still standing premiere sketch groups. After undergrad, I went to my version of “comedy grad school” at the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City. I went from comedy nerd to comedy scholar and I’ve never looked back. My time at the Harold Ramis Film School, the only film school to focus primarily on comedy, made me realize that not only do I love performing and writing comedy—I love directing it as well.

Do you want a penny for every time I said comedy? Well, give me some money and I can make that happen.


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